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Fantasy Football is Coming Home! 👨‍💻⚽👩‍💻

By July 16, 2021No Comments

I got Liverpool’s new away kit through the post this week, it’s a thing of beauty and the perfect tonic for Monday’s crushing defeat. A friendly reminder that club football is just around the corner. In fact, it’s under a month away! Debutants Brentford are taking on Arsenal on Saturday 14th of August at 7 am. Soon enough the admiration for the likes of Shaw and Pickford will slowly dissolve, it’ll start getting tribal again as teams compete for the title of best in the land. Member of NZ’s elite Football Fantasy tournament will already be tinkering with their teams with similar ambitions. At last count, 17 members have fired up their account automatically entering back into the RAFFL.

The RAFFL (Recruitment Agency Fantasy Football League) is in its 5th season. This year’s winner will take the last remaining spot on Woody’s top row. Woody being the engraved shield that 1st place receives along with the new jersey of the team they support. For a guide on ‘how?’ to play FF click here but if you’ve ever worked in a recruitment agency with English people chances are you’ve been exposed to some fantasy footy chat. It’s as integral to Friday arvo beersies as a bottle of Heineken or a fistful of Bluebirds Original chippies. Most agencies will have an internal league. The RAFFL serves as a Champions League of sorts, pitting top Fantasy players across 30 different agencies throughout NZ against each other. Alex Stones won the coveted title back in the 18/19, he’s only gone and won it again in the 20/21 season and by a bit of a margin too! I sat down with Alex, over Zoom; him in Stellar Recruitment Christchurch me in Rice HQ in Auckland. I wanted to pick his brain on what went right, wrong and any tips he could give to other hopeful members of the RAFFL. As two people with a shared love of recruitment and fantasy footy, I trimmed down the 45-minute convo to 5 minutes. For the pearls of his wisdom click the following link – HERE BOOMER!

If you want to be a part of The RAFFL then head to and create an account. Once you’ve done that go to the league tab and join the league using code – 9ce4aj