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I, and no doubt some of you, received this email on Tuesday: Dear All, We hope you are all well and have had a good year so far! 😊 ******** is currently looking to update our PSL for 2024, we invite you to discuss your value proposition on your company…
Sean Walters
November 24, 2023
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2023 SARAs: Here’s the winners

Good morning folks. A quick, and thankfully easy blog from me today. Last night was of course the annual SARA awards. An event which celebrates blah blah blah (insert marketing hyperbole at your pleasure). Regardless of my view on awards, it's always a fun event, and well worth the submission…
Sean Walters
November 17, 2023

IDK about WFH

I will wager that the recruitment agency you work for has delivered less revenue this year than they did last year. Yes, there will be exceptions, but in the most part, things have been tougher than the two previous years. I say this with a level of authority. We see…
Sean Walters
October 27, 2023

The year that never happened

Our fictionalised conversation starts in April 2023. Me: So you've briefed me. I've introduced the candidate. They've met you, the team, and completed testing. Everyone loves them, so do you want me to move to references, or do you want to offer subject to references? Client: Ah Sean. I've been…
Sean Walters
October 20, 2023

Recruiters, who have you upset today?

I have been upsetting people of late. This is perhaps nothing new, but it's got me thinking about the craft of Recruitment and how annoying it can be for all involved. In my 20 years in the game, I have only encountered a Beadle-sized handful of Recruiters who manage to…
Sean Walters
September 29, 2023