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💯 Not Out!

By September 23, 2022No Comments

Perhaps it has something to do with my imminent flight to Queenstown this arvo or, the fact that I am to be wed exactly a month from today. Whatever it is I am equal parts pushed for time and nostalgic resulting in a blog that is a jaunty walk down memory lane. Followed very closely to my impending nuptials in my personal calendar is my 6-year anniversary at Rice, that’s my longest stint at a recruitment gig and roughly 3 years past the average agency stay. It’s been a long road and in truth, it’s flown by. What has acted as the metaphorical cats’ eyes in that long road are these blogs. Every (working) Friday since 2009 without fail a blog will fire out of Rice Towers. Originally, El Cappo, Jon Rice Señor would bang out a wee recruitment haiku in a matter of mins. Nowadays, as you know, me and Mario take turns tickling the keyboard and hopefully the recruitment industry’s collective ribs every other week. I and the bigyin often talk about what makes a blog popular and what doesn’t. So, if you are considering starting up a blog (or podcast as seems to be the way) here are a few high performers through the years out of the 100, see what’s work for us.

July 29th 2022 – Everyone is Paid Too F***ing Much Money 💰🤑 – 5 comments / 63 likes

A fairly newy but a goodie. Predictably, you write about salary and ears perk up. A similar blog titled Wage War had a cover photo of cash which also drew people in. So first tip; money talks if you want their attention talk about how this is going to impact wallets. Other tap-ins topics include; Rec Cons need to get back to their candidates! You want a comment section full to the brim of virtue signaling recruiters spouting “this!” “I was saying this the other day” and “Beer soon? this is a gimme.

Feb 11th 2022 – Exodus or Influx? 🛫🛬– 0 comments / 54 likes

I predicted that we would see more people leave than come into the market. Always a double-edged issue; due to the lack of talent in the market businesses need agencies. However, because of that lack, our job is super hard. Like the Seek or RCSA blogs, it’s always good to make a prediction on how things are going to go. If you’re right you’re golden, if you’re wrong you have another blog topic. No comments though, shame.

October 12th 2018 – Witness The Homesickness – 18 comments / 300 likes

Uh Oh! Big guns out! Back when I used to put pictures in blogs. A little bit more on the creative than the commercial side this one. JR told me back in Jan 2018, when I was penning my first blog, to write something that interests you. This is why the first few have a somewhat footy leaning, shout out to my 2nd blog on what footy player your rec career is. Never a truer word though, if you are going to post something, make sure it’s something you know or have experienced.

March 25th – 2022 – Infernal Internal – 27 comments /62 *likes

I put an asterisk next to like as I can’t say it was super well received by a sizeable portion of the recruitment market. I tell you who did appreciate it though, my clients as those good roosters sit firmly in the agency space. I mentioned the creative and commercial elements before, well sometimes the blog is a good way to drum up candidates. The bigger picture recruiters seem to get that. So, be a little cheeky it doesn’t hurt and people tend to get over things.

Jan 25th – 2019 – Where Did All the Candidate Managers Go? – 5 comments / 56 likes

When you do 100 blogs that are loosely based around recruitment bi-weekly sometimes topics can be hard to come by. However, inspo usually comes from running a recruitment desk in the market that my readers do too. It’s buzzy to me when people write blogs that haven’t ran a desk in over 20 years but they get heaps more likes than me so I’ll keep it schtum. My point is, to write from your experience just leave out names and companies.


I enjoy reading any recruitment article that hasn’t been via a marketing department in Aussie. So, for those out there looking to bang a drum, beef up their personal brand, or be a bit of comic relief in a market that needs a laugh, go for gold! Speak from the heart and write from your own experience using your own voice. Also, consistency is key, remember how Mark Zuckerberg freaked out when Facebook went down? JR would’ve had a similar meltdown if the blog ever went missing.