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Winners, Losers and Leaches at the SEEK Awards

By November 17, 20165 Comments

It’s Friday and that means I have to write a blog. Which I love doing. Really I do. It’s been over 6 years of this now dontchaknow? But it was also the SEEK Awards in Auckland last night and well you know how these things go right?

I don’t know who once decided that Awards ceremonies should be paired up with excessive drinking but they probably didn’t have to write a blog the next day. So now I’m here with plenty of thoughts going through my mind but some kind of fuzzy disconnect that’s making it hard to write words in the correct order.

Luckily the Awards themselves can provide me with the content for this week so I don’t really need to think that hard. Well done to the 2016 winners:

Small Recruitment Agency of the YearTalent ID (we were finalists in this category ourselves so very well done to these guys, who beat us to the award despite the misleading photo above!)

Medium Recruitment Agency of the YearTalent International

Large Agency of the YearOne Staff

Recruitment Leader of the YearBrien Keegan (a fine fellow and a worthy winner but as the only person making the finalists berth for this category I think we could do with nominating some more people next year!)

Most Innovative Agency of the YearRWA Technology People

Excellence in Candidate EngagementAgoge

Recruitment Consultant of the YearAlex Allan

It was awesome to catch up with so many recruiters I’ve come to know over the years and thanks to all of those supporters for the kudos. The Libran in me was also pleased at the balance to all this support by the recruitment Director who described me as “a leach on the industry” and telling other recruiters “not to buy from Rice”. ┬áIt’s nice to know I’ve made such an impression.

Good on SEEK for putting on another awards ceremony which I think is overall a good thing for our industry and I hope even more of you throw your hats in the ring and submit for awards next year.

Now…tea and bacon.

Jonathan Rice

MD at New Zealand rec-to-rec firm Rice Consulting and co-founder of on-demand recruiter offering Joyn. Recruitment agitator and frustrated idealist, father of two, husband of one, and lover of all things Arsenal and crafty beer.


  • Sean says:

    I think describing you as a “leach” in this instance is an unfair analogy.

    Businesses like Enterprise seem to haemorrhage good people without your blood-sucking assistance.

  • Rachel Brown says:

    Not sure how Seek can give awards to their PAYING customers, when its all only self-promoting propaganda submitted and without any fact checking that I’m aware of. Most awards of this nature make me laugh quite frankly!

    • Brett Weaver says:

      No one is going to comment on the fact that leech is spelt incorrectly?

    • Jonathan Rice says:

      True Rachel, I think that would be the next level for SEEK’s awards credibility, if they can convince the judges to spend a moment interviewing at least the finalists to verify etc.

  • Gavin Andrew Buchanan says:

    leech / leach (both could be used in context – leach means to drain through soil). For what it’s worth Jon, there’s more of us who think he’s a twit / twat