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New Year, New Me

By January 14, 2018No Comments

A shift has occurred, a changing of the guards and much like my day to day where I am attempting to fill the shoes of Mr. Jon Rice in a recruitment capacity I now get to measure up from a literacy perspective; I don’t know which one I am more intimidated by.

As many a thread/group chat will testify I take pleasure in weaving a rich verbal tapestry in order to prove a point; usually in defense of a shoddy week in Fantasy Footy or leaping to the aid of my beloved Liverpool FC. For those who live for the Whiteboard fear not, this is more of a cameo than a permanent switch nevertheless you’d be forgiven for feeling a touch nostalgic; it is the recruitment equivalent of Des Lynam calling it a day on MOTD.


I was hoping for some sort of exposé, a sexy story to start off my whiteboard career; Watergate but with recruiters. Unfortunately, the sleepiest week in recruitment isn’t a breeding ground for controversy. Instead, what this week is good for (other than ad writing) is planning your year. What goals do you aim to achieve and how to get there?

The talented Mr. Kyle Wright is, by day, a mild-mannered JOYN account manager but by night he morphs into DnB/House phenom DJ Twentytwo. Kyle had the responsibility of interviewing all the artists at this year’s Bay Dreams including the internet sensation Big Shaq aka Michael Dapaah. Why is this anything but a shameless plug? As research, we watched a few interviews with the big man and to hear someone out of recruitment/sales talk so vehemently about a vision board was intriguing, this is Michael talking about when he hit a million views on YouTube…

“Bruv we hit it! And then I put everyone in the group chat and said bruv we hit it yeah! And what I did was take a picture of the million views on the vision board and sent it to everyone because on that same vision board I’ve got a 100,000 followers on Instagram yeah which we hit this year, I’ve got a bunch of different things I’m not going to say everything but you get me? All these different milestones, even Charlie Sloth! I’ve got a picture of him on my vision board; him and Stormz. I was just like bruv, we hit this, we hit this, we’ve just got this, this and this to hit” – Video here.

The power of visualizing your goals cannot be downplayed even vocalizing what you aim to achieve is important for growth and development. If you don’t know what you want out of the year then the risk is you will aimlessly trudge through the calendar with no real sense of purpose. These milestones may be to hit financial targets, progress in your current company or finally see what opportunities are out there in the market.

It is important to use this time to reflect on last year, what you did well and what you think you could improve on? Set Goals and stick with them! Measure progress be it weekly, monthly or quarterly. This would be a perfect time to use a poignant line from Big Shaq’s viral hit “Man Not Hot’ to tie this blog up nicely, unfortunately, short of mimicking a gunshot, it’s going to be a real struggle. Instead, I implore you to think about what you want from this year, 2018 is underway and although currently at a snail’s pace it’ll soon be in full swing with hiring managers transforming back to decision makers from holidaymakers. Michael Dapaah aka Big Shaq may not be hot but he certainly isn’t daft! See it, believe it, achieve it.

Next week will be the turn of another member of the Rice team and who knows it might even be the return of our fearless leader; “Just when he thought he was out, we pull him back in!”.