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It Could Be Too Hot!

By January 31, 2020No Comments

Often blog topics come from mundane chats or more specifically gripes about the industry, other times they are ‘tap ins’ the day after the Seek Awards for example or new year’s resolutions. In this case, I was trawling the internet in search of inspiration and came across Madison’s helpful guide on what to wear – summer edition. Now, I’d love to take a satirical sideswipe at the article to further perpetuate Rice’s disrupter image but it makes a lot of good points. I was hoping it would have some systemic sexism which considering the gender ratio in the office would turn a few consultants into ‘auntie Toms’ but it was actually very helpful and well written. I’ve just decided to add to it with a few points of my own.

Having gone through the whole spectrum of dress codes starting at Hays where the golden rule was ‘dress better than your best-dressed candidate’ to the Rice ethos of dress for the day but no hoodies, no exceptions. It’s a style that I have seen a lot of agencies adopt, their default dress code perhaps being a little more polished than myself cutting about in short shorts. Whenever a client throws a tongue in cheek comment on my appearance I ask if anyone important plans on attending the meeting too? Luckily most of them have a sense of humor. Dressing for the occasion is important. I’m always reminded of the time my partner told me that her family event was “fancy dress” lucky I probed as what she meant to say was ‘dress fancy’ as in pop a shirt on not calling shotgun on the front end of the horse costume. I’m blessed with pretty Celtic roots which to the reason behind my pale hairy legs, over the years Mr. Walters has endeavored to develop a complex around my appearance. He sits in a very advantageous position being the owner of some pretty feminine legs that do NOT quit, refer to the video below, he’s the first set of legs 😍


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Due to my Scottish heritage, I’m also prone to bursting into sweats when it’s one degree above room temperature so this time of year is a minefield; walking on the shady side of the street and getting to meetings early to collect myself. Like I say, thankfully now in the summer sun, I have my drain cleaners out so the following advice is for those consultants that have their tie’s up to 12.

Take an Electric Scooter

I WISH these trinkets of transport were available during my days as a fledgling consultant! I would’ve happily taken a small dent in the pocket to ensure I arrived promptly at a meeting still looking fresh and professional. People tend to not trust a sweaty salesperson so I think it would’ve evened itself self out from a financial perspective.

Change of Clothes

This is a before work strategy. If you have to walk in from any kind of distance bring your work stuff in a bag and change outfit at work, a creased shirt is better than a drenched one. I personally feel like it’s a bit of a boss move to have a semi wardrobe in the office, no one within their 90 days has a change of outfit at the office.  Deodorant

Make Life Easier.

This one goes out to the ladies! Although I may be a little late to the party as I see nobody on my commute is walking to work in heels. Flats, jandals, sneakers are all made for walking so go hard, just remember so change once in the office. Lads, I don’t know who needs to hear this specifically but DE-ORDOR-ANT.

Material Girl/Boy

We all have that one shirt that’s like a sponge and one cubic milliliter of sweat, avoid grey and anything too clingy. I hear Egyptian cotton is the way to go.

As long as no one can see… 

Take your shoes off under your desk! Honestly, that’s a bit of a gem in relation to lowering body heat. However, I would advise only do this with socks that are relatively clean and unless you want to be ridiculed mercilessly remember to pop them back on  before heading up to the printer

It’s a funny time of year, especially within recruitment agencies. Nothing highlights the cultural diversity of an office than the toing and froing of the AC; British consultants sneakily turning the office into an icy tundra while consultants from warmer climates passive-aggressively don layers to deal with the cold snap. Historically this month/period is great for consultants, if you’ve had a slow December chances are your fees have slipped into the New Year. Considering we haven’t skipped a beat this year; the only week deemed slow seemed to be the very first if there are no runs on the board at this stage, you should be sweating.