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The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down

By August 13, 2021No Comments

Not sure if anyone else is a fan of an obscure Simpsons reference but I’m hoping that a slither of the readership will get that. It’s when Homer is trying to describe the 1994 film Speed, for further clarity click here. Not unlike Homer Jay, that word seems to evade people in the current recruitment market too. To be fair it’s not so much on the candidate side as it is on the client-side. I’m having to coach candidates less and clients more on the importance of pace to an interview process. Time kills deals as we all know and momentum is King! So, take this as a friendly reminder of what to do in this brave new world.

Immediate candidates aren’t a thing, anyone you speak to is going to have to wait 4 weeks at least till they start a new role. Potentially longer if someone is on a visa that’ll need to be changed over. I appreciate that time has been a bit of a strange concept, I can’t be the only one who has been thrown by the ‘2020’ Olympics? With borders still closed, there isn’t that fresh off the boat consultant with a point to prove and a start date of yesterday. Four weeks in recruitment is a pretty long time, lots can change. Instead of thinking of the demand at this very moment, it would be wise to look to the future and hunker down for the storm that’s a-comin’.

I tell all my clients like I am sure you do, if you like someone let them know! Give them the right signals because if you don’t then I guarantee you someone else will. Not only that but when it comes to hand in their notice you can imagine the amount of love/guilt they will be hit with. Furthermore, there’s no guarantee the conveyor belt is going to bring around another suitable candidate in the immediate future. The old adage of there being more fish in the sea is mostly true. It doesn’t pertain to waters that have been cut off and overfished. If your client does like a candidate, what’s the best way to express that without coming across as too needy or disingenuous? Put yourself into the applicant’s shoes!

The interviewee is always searching for signs that things are going well, a nod, a smile, any sort of reassurance really. They are also assessing what it’s going to be like working for and with the interviewer. A good signifier that things are going well is bringing others into the meeting. A manager, team leader, or potential colleague. Slap a tie on the fella that comes in to water the plants if everyone else is busy. In my experience, the candidate feels like they’re something worth showing off. From a process perspective, it saves heaps of time! Instead of a meet the team at the end of you can get the key people involved at an early stage even making the team feel included in the process. This next pro tip might sound like I’m cutting myself out of the process here but anything that promotes organic communication between client and candidate, I’m a fan of. If at the end of the interview you (Mr/Mrs. Client) would like to see more of this person, lock in a second interview! It’s direct confirmation that things went well and the candidate will appreciate the transparency especially if another option has decided to keep their cards close to their chest. If you’re concerned about process, that perhaps your recruiter will get their nose out of joint that they haven’t been given feedback, a second interview is generally considered good news.

As I said earlier; momentum is king. If I’m taking the candidate’s feedback directly after the interview and the client interrupts halfway through, both me and the candidate attempt to compose ourselves in a giddy fashion; like when a “how R U?” would pop up on MSN messenger from a crush. Also, I get that everyone is busy but when the actual solution to your business is left waiting because you’re busy, it’s super counter-productive. For a short stint, it was a client-led market, it’s back in the candidates’ hands. While not wanting to string anyone on is a noble notion, the candidate is hopping in between dates like a Saved by The Bell ep; hoping not to rush back to the cinema date with the lobster bib still on. Speed is crucial! We’ve seen it with the vaccine rollout ramping up recently. The quicker we move the quicker we get results! PSA: Everyone please get jabbed, I’ve got a wedding in Feb that I’d like my parents to be at 🙏 😊