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The LinkedIn LoveIn

By July 18, 20132 Comments

This week’s Whiteboard ramblings are brought to you by Sean Walters…


Speaking with an Internal Recruiter friend of mine the other day, he explained with an excitement usually reserved for craft beer, how he has just actually recruited someone via Facebook. Now I know as social-media savvy recruiters, we’re all meant to have achieved this two years ago, but in my experience, very few of us on either side of the agency/internal fence have managed it. Three other things were also bought to my attention this week, all of which highlight that as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are increasingly being used to source and secure talent:  the Recruiters “go-to”  channel, LinkedIn, is now being used for…..other purposes….


Let me explain. Another (admittedly attractive) Internal Recruiter friend of mine received the below message via LinkedIn from a supposed “Exec” working with a global oil company.





Thank you for accepting me on LinkedIn. I know we can share a lot but before that, I would like to say that you are a very strong woman to have archived a lot as I can see on your profile and you must have worked hard for it, that’s good.


My name is Leslie, and you can read the rest on my profile, If you haven’t. I would like to go straight to the point, i added you so that we can share business ideas as am looking to invest in any lucrative business in your country. After looking at your picture, i would like to know you personally (aside from business/profession) and i must say you have a very charming smile. I would also like to know if you are married?


If you are offended by this message, please, accept my apology. Hope to hear from you soonest.


Thank you for reading.”


Now scam or not, I can’t help but admire his style. Within eight hours of reading this, I’ll be trialing such gems as “you are a very strong woman” and “I would like to know if you are married?” on the female drinking contingent of Britomart Country Club. Come down and watch how I get on.


imageBlog (3)


Again this week, another Internal Recruiter, again an attractive blonde (I have to be careful here, it’s your usual blogger’s wife), received this sonnet for the 21st century:


“Hello Jayne,


How are you doing today? Thanks for accepting my invitation I am Kelvin Brown I live in Ohio I am originally from Ireland I saw your profile and picture you look really pretty can we be friends if you don’t mind, I wait to hear from you. Nice smile, nice hair style, Is that your natural hair? Sorry Jayne it wasn’t my intention to write you….You charmed me with your beauty, I would love to know little more about you.




Kelvin Brown.”


Again, with lines like “Nice smile, nice hair style, Is that your natural hair?” I’m onto a winner. Watch out Auckland.


And it seems that finding a partner via LinkedIn is not just a chuck-enough-sh*t-at-wall tactic. It’s already been commercialised here. And apparently 51% of members have an annual income of over $100K. I’m sure they also love cats, give generously to children’s charities, and list their favourite film as “Sleepless in Seattle”.


The third indicator that the line between different social media channels is blurring comes from what can only be described as the LinkedIn version of fraping. Following what I assume to be severe falling-out with a disgruntled ex-boyfriend, an unfortunate female University of Auckland student had her LinkedIn profile photo unwittingly changed. It’s difficult to describe such a photo in a serious recruitment blog like the Whiteboard, but let’s just say, although I thought her high-heels were tacky, I liked her hairstyle. Both of them. Interestingly, I noticed I had a mutual connection with Miss Legs-Akimbo; An MD of a prominent Auckland Exec recruitment agency. He’s yet to fully explain the nature of their relationship.


For many years, I’ve separated Facebook friends from LinkedIn connections. I’ve noticed that in the last twelve months however, a growing number of my contacts are connections on both platforms. Increasingly, the line between my personal and private life fades into insignificance, and to be frank, I’m all the happier for it. Given that we’re now hitting on the opposite sex, shaming ex-partners, and even recruiting via all social media channels, do you Whiteboard readers still need a professional and private life? Just the one suits me fine.



Jonathan Rice

MD at New Zealand rec-to-rec firm Rice Consulting and co-founder of on-demand recruiter offering Joyn. Recruitment agitator and frustrated idealist, father of two, husband of one, and lover of all things Arsenal and crafty beer.


  • Ashleigh says:

    I feel like I need to change my LinkedIn profile picture now! Hilarious article 🙂

  • Kevin Chappell says:

    Very funny Sean. But so true. I note so often that many LinkedIn photos seem to be photos of the said person taken in a different decade, perhaps even century. One I recently advised to “update” her photo because it should be more “business-like”. The photo had that fuzzy edging and I’m sure had been taken for “other” purposes! Another some time back was the guy in a tuxedo with two suitably attired your ladies draped over each shoulder. It’s no wonder that the invites keep coming to these people…..