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Let’s take a holiday

By August 23, 2018No Comments

Guess who’s back?!  I’m as surprised as you that I’ve been allowed to do this again, but here we are.

My ego would like to think it was because I did an all right job the first time, but it is more likely a matter of convenience as your usual bloggers are out celebrating wedding anniversarieswatching football and pocket dialling me from the UK at 3 am.

Following in the footsteps of businesses like Netflix and Groupon, we announced unlimited annual leave for fee-billing consultants over a year ago. Today, 3 out of 6 of us are taking advantage of this benefit, including the Directors, which apparently has left me in charge:


It is a policy, in my opinion, that has conveyed trust and supported the lives of employees.  From a survey ‘by a show of hands’ whilst getting coffee this morning, unlimited annual leave and the flexibility to work remotely are our most valued benefits.  Approximately 18 months in, here’s what I’ve learned about unlimited leave:

  • You really have to trust your staff and shift your focus from output to outcomes
  • It is a great benefit to attracting and retaining talent
  • It treats staff as individuals, recognising that the amount of time one needs to lead healthy and productive lives differs from person to person
  • It encourages staff to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing, and work
  • It is a two-way street – flexibility is offered as an investment in employees’ lives, and in return, staff take ownership of making sure their work gets done and done well
  • It has increased collaboration and engagement between staff – understanding the demands and challenges of a colleague’s role has led to improved processes and knowledge sharing
  • It is a balancing act – some take advantage of unlimited annual leave more than others, so be mindful of the impact on other staff members
  • It’s important to develop guidelines on how leave is requested and approved
  • Buying gifts for those who provide support in your absence is always encouraged

Now, I need to get back to being in charge of the two staff not on annual leave by making a booking at the pub.

Happy living everyone.



Natasha Foster

Recruitment Consultant at New Zealand firm Rice Consulting, shaking things up in the HR world. Photographer on the side, Te Reo student, rock climber and learner surfer. Most happy off the grid.