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This week sees me struck down with Covid. So far, it’s not been so bad. I’m running a temperature, have a bit of a head cold, and a few extra aches and pains. The bigger issues are the number of quacks coming out of the woodwork to offer up nonsense, herbal remedies, and my inability to taste red wine. I “tried” three different bottles last night to no avail. When illness strikes on a Friday, the last thing we need here at Rice Towers is a tricky blog topic. Thankfully, and courtesy of our good friends at the RCSA, their awards ceremony last night has left me with a real tap-in of a blog. I wasn’t actually at the event, because the RCSA are a waste of space and will never get a cent from me, however, I did have a mole on the inside who gave me a wonderful blow-by-blow running commentary of the event. Mixed with the tasteless red wine, it made for quite an evening.

Back in May, when the finalists were announced, I put my proverbial cock on the block to pick the winners. Have a quick read here to get some context. Tap, Tap, Taperoo, and let’s see how I got on.

Excellence in Candidate Care:

  • Absolute IT
  • Salt                             (My pick) (Actual Winner)
  • Frog Recruitment

We’re off to a good start. Now either I know what I’m talking about, or Salt’s connection to the RCSA means they will win a disproportionate amount of categories. Scroll down to make your own mind up.

Excellence in Client Service:

  • Hunter Campbell     (My pick)
  • Salt                              (Actual Winner)
  • Frog Recruitment

Well would you look at that! Salt again. Apparently the acceptance speech covered a lot of ground, including quoting…Nelson Mandela. Ironic that most good Consultants from Salt eventually make the “Long Walk to Freedom” to another firm.

Excellence in Safety & Wellbeing Culture:

  • Advanced Personnel Services Ltd
  • Alignz Recruitment
  • AWF                           (My pick) (Actual Winner)

Correct again! AWF have the most money to spend with the RCSA and have a professional bid writer. Pretty easy actually.

Excellence in Social Purpose:

  • IHC Group
  • Ōtorohanga Employment Hub      (My pick)
  • Alignz Recruitment
  • Accordant – The Work Collective  (Actual Winner)

I’m running at 50% currently. Not bad, but not great, given the dearth of recruitment firms who could be bothered writing a submission. C’mon Sean. Focus.

Industry Leader 2022 – Sponsored by Indeed:

  • Lee Marshall MRCSA (Hunter Campbell ) (My pick) (Actual Winner)
  • Jonathan Greening (Archway Recruitment )
  • Mike Westbury MRCSA (One Eighty Recruitment )

I’m back baby! Lee celebrates. Jonny and Mike fume.  Two copies of “The Savage Truth” make their way to the Salvation Army Shop this morning.

Outstanding Boutique Agency:

  • Fraser People      (My pick) (Actual winner)
  • Automotive Employment NZ

A coin toss come good. I’m back on a roll.

Outstanding Large Agency – Sponsored by Indeed:

  • Enterprise Recruitment (My pick) (Actual Winner)
  • OneStaff
  • Randstad
  • Hays Specialist Recruitment

Deductive reasoning strikes again. I picked Enterprise as they hate us, and I hate the RCSA. Sure enough, I was right. Both I and the grumpy old men of Enterprise celebrate in equal measure.

Outstanding Medium Agency:

  • Archway Recruitment (My pick)
  • Salt                                  (Actual Winner)

Either Greening is behind on his subs, or Salt’s vice-like grip on the RCSA made the two horse race one horse too many.

Outstanding Supplier 2022:

  • Leedsafe                               (My pick)
  • Aims Global Immigration
  • Hnry                                      (Actual Winner)

In a rare moment of actual sanity from the RCSA, the best man won. It does not however make me look like I have a clue what I’m talking about. Can I swing it back round?

Recruitment Professional 2022 – Sponsored by SEEK:

  • Anand Ranchhod APRCSA (CoLegal Recruitment ) (My pick) (Actual Winner)
  • Mark Harper (Find Recruitment )
  • Isabella Tyrell  (Alignz Recruitment )

Yeah baby! I came. I saw. I guessed correctly.

Rising Star 2022:

  • Phoenix Reilly (Remarkable People ) (My Pick)
    Samsara Cawley (Randstad)                 (Actuall Winner)
  • Sergio Orellana (Randstad)

Of all the Salt-favouring nonsense from the RCSA Awards, this is by far the biggest crime. If you’re name is “Phoenix” you are legally entitled to win any award with the title “rising” in it. Or at least you should be.

Outstanding (financial) Contribution Award:

  • Troy Turner

So overall, six out of eleven, or about 55% correct. The only firm to be represented more than once is of course Salt, with three victories. Certainly better than how I did predicting the SARAs. Now either the RCSA Awards are fair and reasonable, and I’m in agreement….or there is such obvious cronyism amongst its members that even a fool like me can pick the majority of winners. I’ll let you be the judge.

Have a great weekend one and all.