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Snog, Marry, Avoid 👄💍🚫

By July 15, 2022No Comments

Articles on the internet no longer seem to be articles. It’s usually an entire piece formed around something like ‘people say this is the worst/best thing ever!’ it includes quotes from said people “Can’t believe they actually did that” or “I’d be very embarrassed/proud if I were them”. Then you read the article, only to discover that these esteemed talking heads are just FB status or tweets! From accounts that are at best, random lonely people, at worst manufactured by a journalist with an article to write. These posts are often linked to another article about the same person/event so they can fill out the rest of the column inches. Even moving the link to the comment section annoys me, it’s the cyber equivalent of having the bread and milk ages away from the supermarket entrance, encouraging me to buy into whatever chat I see along the way. Don’t worry, this isn’t my pitch for Project Mayhem, where we revolt against the powers that be. I’m just highlighting how lazy news can be. It’s also funny how mainstream media try to keep up. I’ll listen to the radio on the drive in and they’re having a discussion around a poll gathering steam online. Even on TV Three’s current affairs show The Project they had a segment at around the 13:50 mark; What are the worst professions to marry in NZ? The fact that they credit a Redditt thread that had gone ‘viral’ as the source is interesting but the results are even more staggering. Recruitment Consultant was in the top 3!

Like phone boxes, a tv show that specializes in the news is going to be a tough one to explain to the younger Gen. Especially as nowadays you get news instantaneously, with the genesis of a news story inevitably coming from the interweb. Paddy, who is looking a million bucks, suggested a recruiter wouldn’t be ideal to wed as “they will give you jobs to do your entire life” This is, unfortunately, the only slight bit of justification. I looked through the thread in its entirety and other than a great gag about never marrying a tennis player, love means nothing to them, there wasn’t much reasoning for our podium finish. The post with the most ‘upvotes’ was from tough-swim-3116 who decreed the unmarriable medal winners were, Influencers, Real Estate Agents, and Recruitment Consultants. TS3116 probably has no idea they are a freelance content creator for TV Three, or that the bar for ‘viral’ is as low as 601 upvotes. Considering the esteemed company we’re grouped with in the winner’s circle I think I have the right to feel a little outraged? I’m not going to get into mud-slinging around different jobs but influencer!? That reminds me, remember to smash that like button and subscribe to get weekly updates whiteboard fam, let’s goooooo!

I don’t know what it is, why do recruiters get tarred with such a bad rep? We’re hard-working, empathetic, timely, good listeners, and pretty thick-skinned. I think it has something to do with the perceived work that goes in versus what the outcome is. Which is bullshit because people only see the tip of the iceberg, not the hours of sourcing, negotiating, crying, and reference taking that comes with recruitment. It’s the first time I’ve heard of a recruiter being in the top ranks in this sort of list. I looked around for something recent and found a Tik Tok from a divorce lawyer who outlines 5 professions women should avoid in a spouse if they want a lasting marriage. That’s right fellas, this one is for the ladies out there in the blogosphere! it’s not all willy jokes and footy chat! In no particular order, it goes Firemen, Police officers, Military Personnel, Surgeon and Pilot. The Tik Tok has been viewed over 2.7m times and reasons that the professions are difficult to wed due to being more controlling than others. Positions of power that find sharing the load at home beneath them. Also, what I’m reading is that pilots are pure shaggers.

Being 100 days away from my nuptials and both me and the Mrs work in recruitment I got a little worried when I heard Paddy’s sobering words. Then I looked at the stats for divorce per profession. Thankfully neither of us works in a casino, operates a switchboard, or ensures the tray table and seat are in an upright position when landing. So, what industries have the highest success rate when it comes to marriage? Well, those wild cats in the Actuary field assessing risk on a regular basis have the monopoly on thinking things through. Software devs are also loyal, try telling that to a contract recruiter! They sit at a 20.3% divorce rate .5 above the predictable men and women of the Clergy. I definitely expect dev divorce to be on the rise with the crazy money being thrown around in that space. I think an industry does attract a certain type of person but obviously, there are a lot of factors at play when it comes to the longevity of a marriage. Saying that I don’t know a lot of pro athletes and bar tenders renewing vows.