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How to get a pay rise in recruitment

With unemployment at a three year high, and very little recruitment going on, now's the perfect time to get a pay rise. Here's a guide. Move to the agency with the highest base salaries Staffed by former wife-beaters, drug addicts, and Somalian pirates, this move is sure to see you…
Sean Walters
May 24, 2024

On-Boarding From Afar

New hires are due to emerge from their cocoons into the office for the first time! We still have some time before that happens of course so here are some tips for remote onboarding for now and the next inevitable lockdown 😊
Scott Burnett
November 19, 2021

“How to Recruit” in 10 simple phrases

I’ve had a bit of a wobble this week. Don’t worry. It’s not so bad that you have to offer me a virtual hug, coffee, or catch-up via my Facebook profile so that the world can see how "kind" you are. And although I live under a self-imposed Level 4…
Sean Walters
October 28, 2021