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That’s a Wrap!

By December 2, 2022No Comments

Today is my last day at Rice Consulting. For the past 6 years, I’ve had the honor of working alongside two of the best mentors I’ve had in my career. I remember back to Saturday 17th of September when Jon Rice came out to meet me at Eastridge Mall in Orakei. I don’t have THAT good a memory, the reason I remember it was because I was up early watching the Liverpool x Chelsea game. Jordan Henderson opened his accounts with the reds with this outrageous shot. We had chatted before over lunch at Shakey Isles when he first introduced the idea of rec-to-rec, a concept that still seems like a Nolan-esq plot whenever I’m explaining it. I was just really surprised that he came from Greenhithe (which sounded far) to my East-ish suburb, on the weekend!? But that was an insight into the world of rec-to-rec and Jon’s tireless work ethic. My first meeting with Sean was a bit different. Trying to bridge the gap I asked him if he watches Game of Thrones. He said that he doesn’t like all that “it’s meant to be sexy but you know they haven’t had a wash in weeks! Their ‘bits’ would be horrible” – I’m paraphrasing and cleaning that up a lot.

Sean’s birthday is the 1st of Nov, not long after I started. I lived with a fella that made swords at the time, super lovely guy. Sean’s into his weapons and Jon asked me if I could look into getting him a sword. Having only met him for a short period of time I went for the sword that I think the majority of the industry would have picked, it was massive, gold-looking with bits spiraling out. Jon, who knows the man well said that he would hate that. Other than being one of the best recruiters I’ve known, he is also pretty misunderstood. Under the greying beard and nonsensical tattoos, there is a very generous, considerate, and nurturing manager who I’ll miss. But as we drink in the same pub I won’t go too soft, he’ll rinse me for it when I see him. They actually both now see my barber, they’ve jumped ship to Steve at Room 104 who, while I’m giving flowers, is the best in the game and would always appreciate business. Talking of business, I will be taking a contractually obliged 3-month holiday. I have infinite respect and admiration for RC and for my clients. What I tell candidates is I only work with people that I could see myself working at. However, I would ask them to not send me a brief till the 2nd of March 2023. Saying that, if I haven’t worked with you and you stumble across this blog, haere mai!

It’s a decision that hasn’t been made lightly. I think that a dice with death this year coupled with the foundation and motivation that comes with marital bliss accelerated my decision. I bought a house the other year too, and paying a mortgage is both a driver and a metaphor. Essentially, I didn’t want to rent my career anymore. We tell candidates every day to take a risk, I feel it would be hypocritical to instruct people to take these leaps of faith whilst I enjoy the benefit and comfort that comes with steady employment for over 6 years. I know what it is like to resign from people you greatly respect and like to hang out with. Coming from a place of authenticity is important in recruitment. I met the woman I love in a recruitment agency, I got my visa to stay in the country I love because of recruitment and I owe my life which I love, to recruitment. I feel very honored to continue helping people in to the industry and assisting them in their progression. I’ll just be doing it under a different name now. I may share the name over a few pints in Vultures this evening, you’re buying though because, for the time being, we’re a one-income household. 😅