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The blogging gods are smiling on me currently. Typically, these missives take me about twenty five minutes to write, but can take hours to think of a topic. Writing a weekly, non-repetitive, decade-long recruitment blog is no easy feat – just look at those who sporadically try. However, this year, we’ve had the AoG debacle giving me almost two months of content, we have an election, which I reckon is good for at least two or three posts, and just when I think I have at least a week before I can take the piss out of ACT supporters, SEEK go and announce their finalists for the 20th SARA Awards. Thank you SEEK. A small price to pay for the tens of thousands we spend with you. Anyway, here’s the finalists with my always-wildly-inaccurate predictions.

Small Recruitment Agency of the Year

Duo Services

Talent Hive

Digital Garage Limited

Recruitment Studio

Frame Retail

Category 1, and I’m already hitting Google trying to figure out who at least two of these firms are. Although sounding like what I’d order from a high-end Escort Agency, I think Duo Services are this lot here. At first I thought “no chance”, but then I noticed Anabella Bianchi is the GM, who not only talks incredibly quickly but is also a fantastic operator. Interesting. They’re not my pick however. Fresh off a surprise inclusion on AoG, there’s some magic in the bid-writing pens of Mike Farrance and Jamie Blackwell currently, so I think Digital Garage will sneak the win.

My Prediction: Digital Garage

Medium Recruitment Agency of the Year

Frog Recruitment


Lynx Recruitment

Talent Army


Thankfully, no need to Google this lot. Troy Hammond does enjoy winning awards, and his firm Talent Army (or their staff) are up for three this year. I’m not picking them for this one however. Frog have slipped off the radar of late, following their “merger” with People2People, but I think they stand a chance here. I’m going to let my own preference cloud my prediction on this one slightly here and go with Assemble. Mostly because I know the thought and consideration that Guy Davidson and his team put into building a great recruitment company, compared to the rest of us chancers who flick CVs around from the pub and call it “strategy”.

My Prediction: Assemble

Large Recruitment Agency of the Year

Consult Recruitment



Fluid Recruitment

Remarkable People

Here’s where things get tricky. As much as SEEK claim that all submissions are assessed independently, we know that this is nonsense. So it’s around this time in the evening that we see some “diversity” in the winner’s circle. Being predominantly blue collar, if Lynx are overlooked for Medium agency, I can see Remarkable People up on stage via the Tradesman’s entrance. It will be tough however. Fluid are big in the regions, and SEEK love that. Potentia are always a class act. And Consult will win if they are judged purely on the beautifully crafted, expensive-PR-firm-written submission. Of course this won’t be the case if the judge knows someone unfortunate enough to have actually worked there. Tough one this, but I’ll have faith that cream will rise to the top and go Potentia.

My Prediction: Potentia

Innovation in Recruitment


Talent Army

Fluid Recruitment

Robert Walters NZ


As we all know, our other business JOYN should win this. That’s a given. We won’t of course. Instead, once again I find myself on Google. Contrary to what I first thought, “OneScope” is a collection of Labour Hire agencies working together, and not a private colonoscopy clinic. Although looking at the age and gender of the leadership team, this certainly wouldn’t be a foreign concept. Talent Army do well on categories like this, although I’m not sure what they’ve done differently this year from last, and Robert Walters have removed their ties, so I suppose that’s something. I think it’s between Fluid and OneScope (don’t ask me why), but I’m going…OneScope

My Prediction: OneScope

Outstanding Progress in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Find Recruitment

Accordant Group / The Work Collective

Recruitment Studio

Beyond Recruitment

1st Call Recruitment

Find are good guys, and I can imagine this stuff just being seen as common sense internally. Perhaps not enough Razzle-dazzle to win it though. The Accordant Group are a powerhouse, and have the infrastructure and cash to deliver on this stuff in the way that smaller firms may not. Beyond, nah. 1st Call is the dark horse. Again, fresh on to AoG, there’s a spring in the step of those 1st Callers. However, I think the Accordant machine may prove to be too big and powerful, so I think they’re winning by a nose.

My Prediction: Accordant Group / The Work Collective

Excellence in Candidate Experience


Lynx Recruitment

Archway Recruitment

Frog Recruitment

Recruitment Studio

Put it this way, I’d most like to be a candidate of Lynx, as I believe them most likely to take me out for a beer. I am not (and never will be) a SEEK judge however. Potentia do loads in this space, Archway probably do, and I do not know much about Recruitment Studio. Since their inception after the First World War, Frog have always been staffed by nice people, so for no other reason, I’m picking them.

My Prediction: Frog

Recruitment Leader of the Year

Danielle McFadyen, Retailworld Resourcing

Brooke Nelson, Randstad

Lee Marshall, Hunter Campbell

Lisa Cooley, BrightSpark

Erin Woods, Action Personnel

To be clear, I have never picked a winner in this category, so I feel my prediction is more of a curse than endorsement. Both Lee and Lisa win everything, so I can’t be that obvious. Danielle, Brooke, and Erin are all great operators, but I know who I’m picking. To know Erin Woods is to love her, so SEEK, let’s see her bring home the bacon!

My Prediction: Erin Woods

Recruitment Consultant of the Year

Laura Douglas, Consult Recruitment

Dom Gunn-Taylor, Talent Army

Jason Boot, Lynx Recruitment

Jessica Pearson, Medrecruit

Lisa Marie Anderson, Action Personnel

If you want someone who bills a bazillion dollars, then go Laura. If you want someone whose parents were clearly massive Elvis fans, go Lisa Marie. If you want someone who’s name is better suited to a 1980s US Fighter Pilot, go Dom Gunn-Taylor. If you are purely basing this on who Rice & Co made a fee out of, go Dom Gunn-Taylor.

My Prediction: Dom Gunn-Taylor

Anyway, there we have it. Feel free to add your predictions below if you feel like today is the day to commit career suicide.