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2023 SARAs: Here’s the winners

Good morning folks. A quick, and thankfully easy blog from me today. Last night was of course the annual SARA awards. An event which celebrates blah blah blah (insert marketing hyperbole at your pleasure). Regardless of my view on awards, it's always a fun event, and well worth the submission…
Sean Walters
November 17, 2023
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Sell a Retainer or Retain Your Sanity?

"RETAINED! RETAINED! RETAINED!" If any of the big Recruitment personalities of LinkedIn posted the above, they'd have "likes' into the thousands and comments into the hundreds. Now of course, those commenting would be that unique breed of recruitment sycophant who always comment with "Nail. On. Head. As per usual Greg.…
Sean Walters
July 23, 2021
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SEEK up their rates. Stop moaning about it

Unless you’ve been really into the America’s Cup, you will have seen the announcement of SEEK’s new dynamic pricing model. Like the first review of almost every classic album, the overwhelming response from the market has been “1 star”, “would not recommend”, and “go fuck yourself SEEK”. In its simplest…
Sean Walters
March 18, 2021