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My word is it that time of year again? Regular readers will know that I typically scrape two blogs apiece from our two recruitment industry awards here in Aotearoa – one to make a prediction, and one to name the winners and demonstrate how little I know. My trip to Queenstown last Friday put the kybosh on predicting who would win these ones, and to be brutally honest, as these awards seem to come round increasingly quickly, I’ve lost a bit of interest. However, this is my duty, so please bear with me as I muster some enthusiasm…

…That’s better. I shouldn’t be so cynical of course, as the RCSA have actually upped their game over the past couple of years, having effectively held MBIE to account for the AoG debacle. It does blow my mind however that people have to pay to go an awards ceremony, even if they’re a finalist. I know the RCSA doesn’t make the money SEEK does, but unless I’m a sponsor, I will never pay to attend a recruitment awards ceremony. I know my opinions are typically off-centre, but being told I’m a finalist (when almost 50% of applicants became finalists) to then be asked for $290+GST to attend sits in the same category as vanity publishing and a prostitute telling me I’m great in bed. I am neither a novelist nor generous lover. Each to their own I suppose. It’s probably good marketing and everyone gets drunk, so I get that. Anyway, here’s the winners:

Excellence in Business Innovation

  • HainesAttract
  • OneScope

Winner: HainesAttract. Beating a firm who have done so much for the early diagnosis of bowel cancer is quite the achievement, so well done HainesAttract.

Excellence in Candidate Care

  • Dynamix Recruitment
  • Enterprise Recruitment
  • Medrecruit
  • Potentia

Winner: Medrecruit. I’ve tried googling it, but I have no idea what Medrecruit do. If only their name gave us a clue.

Excellence in Client Service

  • Artemis Executive Recruitment
  • Frog Recruitment
  • Sourced

Winner: Frog. Frog seem to be winning a lot lately. Either they’re fantastic, or have a new bid writer.

Excellence in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

  • Find Recruitment
  • Randstad New Zealand
  • Recruitment Studio

Winner: Randstad New Zealand. Randstad: a place where you can belong. Unless you’re an IT recruiter.

Excellence in Social Purpose

  • Kiwi Staff
  • Medrecruit
  • Ōtorohanga Employment Hub

Winner: Medrecruit. When will my friends at Ōtorohanga Employment Hub get a break? As if living in Ōtorohanga wasn’t enough.

Excellence in Safety & Wellbeing Culture

  • Advanced Personnel Services
  • Dynamix Recruitment
  • Remarkable People

Winner: Remarkable People. Safe to be a contractor for them, less safe to be an actual recruiter.

Recruitment Professional 2024

  • Matthew Greenwood, Archway Recruitment
  • Vic Jack MRCSA, Maslow
  • Samantha Morris, Find Recruitment
  • Matt Webster MRCSA, Assemble

Winner: Matthew Greenwood, Archway Recruitment. First blood to Archway. More on that later.

Rising Star 2024

  • Madeline Berry, Archway Recruitment
  • Victoria Franklin, Stellar Recruitment
  • Phoenix Reilly
  • Elyse Ryan, Stellar Recruitment
  • Kobi Taka APRCSA, Enterprise Recruitment

Winner: Madeline Berry, Archway Recruitment. Archway are running away with it!

Recruitment Leader 2024

  • Guy Day, Potentia
  • Lee Marshall MRCSA, Hunter Campbell
  • Matt Somerville, Action Personnel

Winner: Guy Day, Potentia. Potentia have launched yet another business. This one writes award submissions.

Outstanding Agency – Up to 5 Staff

  • Digital Garage Consulting
  • Recruitment Studio
  • Rothley Partners

Winner: Recruitment Studio. The only firm with an office dog à la 2015. We can all learn something from this.

Outstanding Agency – Up to 15 Staff

  • Dynamix Recruitment
  • H2R Technology
  • Sourced

Winner: Dynamix Recruitment. It’s not Dynamics. It’s Dynamix. Which is of course infinitely cooler. Or outstanding.

Outstanding Agency – Up to 40 Staff

  • Frog Recruitment
  • Hunter Campbell
  • Potentia

Winner: Potentia. To beat these two, Guy has definitely launched another business.

Outstanding Agency – Over 40 Staff

  • OneStaff
  • Remarkable People
  • Stellar Recruitment

Winner: OneStaff. For the city streets. OneStaff for the hip-hop beats. I’m showing my age here.

Outstanding Achievement Award

Winner: Jonathan Greening, Archway. I love Jonny. He runs a great business and invests his money wisely. This year it was in RCSA memberships.

Anyway, that’s it for another year. Genuinely “well done” to anyone who this means something to. Hopefully there was an after hours punch-up I can blog about next week.