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Good morning folks. A quick, and thankfully easy blog from me today. Last night was of course the annual SARA awards. An event which celebrates blah blah blah (insert marketing hyperbole at your pleasure). Regardless of my view on awards, it’s always a fun event, and well worth the submission to receive some of SEEKs hospitality. Unfortunately a recent knee operation kept me off the dancefloor this year, however, it was good to catch up with some old buddies – many of whom had flown in from out of town, and to look at lots of pretty ladies. As is tradition, here’s the list of winners versus my predictions as stated previously. Spoiler alert: I did not do well.

Outstanding Progress in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Find Recruitment

Accordant Group / The Work Collective

Recruitment Studio

Beyond Recruitment

1st Call Recruitment


My Prediction: Accordant Group / The Work Collective

Actual Winner: Recruitment Studio

We’re off to a bad start. I must confess that these guys didn’t even figure in my initial prediction. Fair play, as they were up against some quality opposition and I know at least one firm were feeling quietly confident. I’d also say that the team at Recruitment Studio looked like a Vogue centrefold, so if their “inclusion” is half as good as their stylists, then they’re worthy winners.


Innovation in Recruitment


Talent Army

Fluid Recruitment

Robert Walters NZ



My Prediction: OneScope

Actual Winner: Talent Army

Write Troy Hammond‘s submission writing off at your peril. Keen to go with the entity which sounds like a colonoscopy clinic, I overlooked the master. Talent Army make a habit of winning awards, and last night was no exception. Obviously now bored of thinking of original things to say, Troy even managed to work in a Dolly Parton quote into his acceptance speech; “If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain”. And people say she’s just a big pair of t*ts. Interestingly, the same has also been said of Dolly Parton.


Excellence in Candidate Experience


Lynx Recruitment

Archway Recruitment

Frog Recruitment

Recruitment Studio


My Prediction: Frog

Actual Winners: Frog

Get in there my son! Third award in and I’ve picked my first winner. Nice to see the nice people at Frog picking up a gong for arguably the most important category. I still think Lynx are more likely to take you for a beer however.


Recruitment Consultant of the Year

Laura Douglas, Consult Recruitment

Dom Gunn-Taylor, Talent Army

Jason Boot, Lynx Recruitment

Jessica Pearson, Medrecruit

Lisa Marie Anderson, Action Personnel


My Prediction: Dom Gunn-Taylor

Actual Winner: Dom Gunn-Taylor

In the immortal words of the Backstreet Boys, “Oh my God we’re back again!“. Not only is it two correct predictions in a row from yours truly, but Talent Army find themselves back on the podium, this time courtesy of 80s fighter-jet pilot Dom Gunn-Taylor. A tough field, so well done Dom.


Recruitment Leader of the Year

Danielle McFadyen, Retailworld Resourcing

Brooke Nelson, Randstad

Lee Marshall, Hunter Campbell

Lisa Cooley, BrightSpark

Erin Woods, Action Personnel


My Prediction: Erin Woods

Actual Winner: Lee Marshall

And with a bump I’m back to being way off the mark. I should really learn my lesson. The likes of Troy Hammond, Lee Marshall, and Lisa Cooley are so difficult to snatch an award from. In this instance we had two frequent podium attendees up against each other, and last night it went Lee’s way. It was actually quite touching to see Lee and his team’s celebration when he won. I know first-hand what Lee has help build at Hunter Campbell, so he’s a worthy winner, however, there’s probably at least 4 other worthy winners in that category. I’ll leave you to guess who.


Small Recruitment Agency of the Year

Duo Services

Talent Hive

Digital Garage Limited

Recruitment Studio

Frame Retail

My Prediction: Digital Garage

Actual Winner: Talent Hive

I enjoyed this one. I’ve known Marc Denholm for years, but little did I know that no one else does. When announced, most of the room were left scratching their heads, and a clearly surprised Denholm shuffled to the stage like he’d crashed the wrong wedding. It’s moments like this that make an evening. In my experience, when not getting molested by those old boys at Enterprise, Talent Hive are a great firm and worthy winners.


Medium Recruitment Agency of the Year

Frog Recruitment


Lynx Recruitment

Talent Army



My Prediction: Assemble

Actual Winner: Cultivate

Again, I was way off the mark on this one, with Cultivate not even getting a mention in my previous blog. To be fair, I don’t know nearly enough about Cultivate as I should, as I’ve never recruited for them. Given the team in place, and this recognition, maybe I should. Guys, would someone call me? Please??


Large Recruitment Agency of the Year

Consult Recruitment



Fluid Recruitment

Remarkable People


My Prediction: Potentia

Actual Winner: Potentia

Staring at a measly two correct predictions, I needed to finish on a high. Thankfully, Guy Day and his team are always real bankers for a SARA. Potentia have been doing the business for years, and when not avoiding my phone calls, Guy runs a quality operation. I’d also say that this one was the easiest to pick with at least two of the firms being absolutely dreadful. Actually, maybe three.

Anyway, congratulations to all the winners, and also congratulations to those who didn’t win. You still got recognised, you still got some PR, and hopefully you sank a few drinks. Until next time.