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A nice and easy blog for me today. Some of you may still be wondering who managed to get on to the All of Government Gen 3 panel. Well here’s a handy list of the new additions:

*It’s worth noting that a couple of the above have previously been on the panel under a different trading name. Nice work to all of the above, but I have no idea who the “Hardy Group” are . This does mean however, that either through choice or selection, the following firms are off:

A bitter pill for some of those guys to swallow no doubt. If you haven’t seen the pricing yet, have a look here to see how your firm stacked up against its competitors:

Interesting to see that we have firms out there prepared to fill roles at 6%, whilst some ballsy mo-fo will be doing it at 17%. Perhaps it’s the same legends who will provide payroll at $7.50.  Fair play. For what it’s worth, my opinion is that I’m not surprised that rates average out at about 12%, very surprised that someone will work at 6%, surprised at how high the average contractor cap is, and still have no idea who the Hardy Group are. Feel free to add your own thoughts below, and credit to the person who compiled this info for me. Anyway, that’s enough AoG chat for now. If you do find yourself on the losing side, or just simply don’t  want to recruit for Government, complete New Zealand’s biggest recruitment salary survey here, and hit me up for a confidential chat.