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Our fictionalised conversation starts in April 2023.

Me: So you’ve briefed me. I’ve introduced the candidate. They’ve met you, the team, and completed testing. Everyone loves them, so do you want me to move to references, or do you want to offer subject to references?

Client: Ah Sean. I’ve been meaning to call you. Given we’re only a month away from finding out if we got on to “All of Government”, we were thinking maybe we could hold off. Yes I know we’re not on AoG currently and there’s still plenty of work for the Consultant, and if we do get on we’ll have even more work to go at, but can we press pause for no logical reason?

May 2023: Me: Congratulations guys! You got on, now there’s even more work for you. Shall we make the offer?

Client: Yep – almost there Sean. We’ve actually just tendered for the Auckland Council Sub-Panel. It should be a quick process and given we’re so close to finding out the result, please tell the candidate that we’re still interested and will offer following the outcome of the tender

July 2026: Client: We might be in a recession Sean, lets just dab the brakes on this one. Oh yes, we’re still plenty busy, but you never know.

September 2023: Me: Wow, that was a long wait, but congratulations again for getting on the Auckland Council sub-panel. Can we offer?

Client: Sean, have you not seen the news?? We’re about to have an election and probably a change of Government. If National get in, there’ll be less government recruitment work but plenty of private sector work. If Labour stay in power, the private sector will be slow but public sector will continue to boom. Even though the future promises plenty of work either way, now is not the time to be offering recruiters jobs! Are you mad? Call us back after the election.

Monday 16th October: Me: OK, so we have a centre-right coalition, which suits your mostly private sector Recruitment company. Please can we offer the candidate you met in April?

Client: Well we know National and ACT are involved, but what about Winny? As opposed to offering someone a job, we should wait for a single little old lady in Wellington to take a month to count half a million special votes. Only then will we have the certainty to make an offer.

Friday 3rd November: Me: That’s all the votes counted. Winston Peters isn’t required to form a Government. Can we offer?

Client: It’s Panamanian Independence Day

Monday 13th November: Me: Now?

Client: Sorry, that’s World Kindness Day

Monday 27th November: Me: ?

Client: Sean, that’s Russian Naval Infantry Day! Are you mad?

December 2023: Client: It’s Christmas! we can’t have a new starter this close to Christmas. Let’s connect next year. Obviously not in January, as I’m at the bach. And February’s always a bit slow. And March…well, I’ll have my head in a spreadsheet planning for the next financial year. Let’s go for an April 1st start date.

Me: Just to confirm, that April 1st 2024?

Client: Ah…

Have a good long weekend folks.