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Who wants a threesome?

I've been thinking about threesomes more than normal recently. With the eventual announcement of a new coalition government spearheaded by Seymour, Peters, and anti-abortionist Chris Luxon, it's got me thinking about the weird power dynamics that shared leadership, and shared decision making can create. This can be hard enough in…
Sean Walters
December 1, 2023

The year that never happened

Our fictionalised conversation starts in April 2023. Me: So you've briefed me. I've introduced the candidate. They've met you, the team, and completed testing. Everyone loves them, so do you want me to move to references, or do you want to offer subject to references? Client: Ah Sean. I've been…
Sean Walters
October 20, 2023
Multiple neon signs saying waitingPoliticsRecruitment

Recruitment and The Waiting Game

It's very quiet out there this week, and not just because your usual blogger Sean has taken the week off and relieved us of his unfailingly distractive qualities.¬† As was predictably referenced last week, the "uncertainty" that a NZ General Election every 3 years seems to cause, tied in with…
Jonathan Rice
September 15, 2023

WPIs (Weird Performance Indicators)

As of yesterday, it's official. After two successive quarters of negative GDP growth, Aotearoa is now in the grips of a recession. Well, when I say "grips", it's more the kind of "grip" displayed by that unplaceable candidate's handshake. With unemployment currently sitting at around "nobody", this feels very much…
Sean Walters
June 16, 2023

“Why are your margins so high?”

"I've spoken to two other agencies who do exactly the same thing as you, and both are considerably cheaper. Now can you either sharpen the pencil, or explain what magic you do that justifies that kind of margin?". And so goes my Thursday morning. Now I could have firstly explained…
Sean Walters
March 31, 2023