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2023 SARAs: Here’s the winners

Good morning folks. A quick, and thankfully easy blog from me today. Last night was of course the annual SARA awards. An event which celebrates blah blah blah (insert marketing hyperbole at your pleasure). Regardless of my view on awards, it's always a fun event, and well worth the submission…
Sean Walters
November 17, 2023

Itchy Feet

What is to be done with all these recruiters leaving? One agency has an innovative solution. Thank me later for the image used, the free-to-use ones were truly horrific 🦶🏻🤮
Scott Burnett
July 1, 2022

Interview Prep School

Interviewing, it's all about the questions you ask and importantly don't ask. Here are some pearls that I would recommend asking in any interview and ones to best avoid.
Scott Burnett
March 11, 2022

Running on Recruitment

No wonder Forrest Gump was class at running! To switch of the brain while pounding the pavement is an invaluable tool. I'm in currently in training for a half marathon and I tend to think too much about what's hurting and why I'm breathing like that. As recruitment is never…
Scott Burnett
January 14, 2022