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All of Government


The Curse of All of Government

Aaaaand we're back to this old chestnut. I saw an article this week featuring those good folk from Accordant in the NBR. As no one pays for the NBR anymore except dinosaurs like Jon Rice, I thought I'd share. The synopsis reads as follows: Accordant says its revenue from public…
Sean Walters
March 8, 2024

Do something different today

Auckland is a difficult place to live currently. No summer, followed by what feels like a lifetime of rain. The whole city turned into a massive building site. 2 hour commutes home into a damp house with a f*cked retaining wall with the warmer months seemingly a lifetime away. Although…
Sean Walters
June 2, 2023
Sun shining with clouds nearbyRecruitment

Reasons For Recruitment Optimism

Several recent conversations have brought to my attention that our friends in the Wellington recruitment sector are feeling a little bit down in the dumps. Heavily reliant on Government recruitment work, our new Prime Minister has come along and torpedoed a bunch of policies and projects, massively reducing spend on…
Jonathan Rice
March 24, 2023