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Count Eroffer

A demonic figure that makes Bram Stoker’s Dracula seem more at place with his numerical namesake on Sesame Street. Much like the folklore perpetuated in Lost Boys this evil presence can only harm you if you invite it in your home. For those who are in the dark let me…
Scott Burnett
August 15, 2019

Recruiter Networks

The best thing my ol man said he did with his money was enrolling me and my brother into Victoria College. An Educational institution steeped in tradition that taught us important lessons not just in the classroom but installing all students with a specific set of values; ‘manners maketh man’…
Scott Burnett
May 9, 2019

A Place For Everyone

This week saw me down in Christchurch. As I ubered through what remains of the city, I was reminded that Christchurch was actually my entry point and introduction to New Zealand. Fresh off a plane from Fiji and following a coin-toss at Auckland Airport in 2010, it was decided that…
Sean Walters
July 26, 2018

Trust Me, I’m A Recruiter

Quick one from me today as I'm more snowed under than the South Island.  I enjoyed an article shared by SEEK yesterday about Trust in the Workplace and the startling statistic that 83% of kiwis did not trust all of their colleagues.  It got me thinking about the recruitment industry…
Jonathan Rice
August 4, 2016

What to do when Recruiters Quit

Recruiters quit.  It happens and, as job-hopping throughout one's career becomes ever more accepted, it will doubtless happen with increasing regularity. The question for recruitment company owners and Directors is how to handle the news.  There are a multitude of scenarios in which recruiters quit their jobs, of course, and…
Jonathan Rice
March 3, 2016