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How to get a pay rise in recruitment

With unemployment at a three year high, and very little recruitment going on, now's the perfect time to get a pay rise. Here's a guide. Move to the agency with the highest base salaries Staffed by former wife-beaters, drug addicts, and Somalian pirates, this move is sure to see you…
Sean Walters
May 24, 2024
EmploymentHuman ResourcesRecruitment

The dreaded “handover”

If you've worked in the recruitment industry for any length of the time, you would have been a player in the following scene: A recruiter or recruitment manager contacts a client to say that they or a staff member are "moving on". The recruiter or recruitment manager requests a meeting…
Sean Walters
April 26, 2024

“Sorry. We’ve already got their CV”

...and this is where the average Recruiter moves on. After advertising a role, or perhaps headhunting a candidate, phone screening them, interviewing them, selling them on an opportunity, and finally presenting them to a hiring manager or internal recruiter, we stop dead in our tracks. For those of you not…
Sean Walters
January 19, 2024

Who wants a threesome?

I've been thinking about threesomes more than normal recently. With the eventual announcement of a new coalition government spearheaded by Seymour, Peters, and anti-abortionist Chris Luxon, it's got me thinking about the weird power dynamics that shared leadership, and shared decision making can create. This can be hard enough in…
Sean Walters
December 1, 2023

IDK about WFH

I will wager that the recruitment agency you work for has delivered less revenue this year than they did last year. Yes, there will be exceptions, but in the most part, things have been tougher than the two previous years. I say this with a level of authority. We see…
Sean Walters
October 27, 2023