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Go Medium-Large, or Go Home

Today's blog is about Football. Historically I've always avoided the topic, as previous Rice bloggers have more than made up for my lack of participation in the subject. Just behind AoG, the RCSA and thinly-veiled criticisms of Consult, football would rank up there with the most fertile of blogging potting…
Sean Walters
March 15, 2024

The year that never happened

Our fictionalised conversation starts in April 2023. Me: So you've briefed me. I've introduced the candidate. They've met you, the team, and completed testing. Everyone loves them, so do you want me to move to references, or do you want to offer subject to references? Client: Ah Sean. I've been…
Sean Walters
October 20, 2023

Do something different today

Auckland is a difficult place to live currently. No summer, followed by what feels like a lifetime of rain. The whole city turned into a massive building site. 2 hour commutes home into a damp house with a f*cked retaining wall with the warmer months seemingly a lifetime away. Although…
Sean Walters
June 2, 2023

Don’t take that tone with me…

Well it's finally happened. After a long yet precarious run, I've finally be shut down by LinkedIn. The reasons for this are long, complicated, and historic. However, to summarise, there seems to be only a certain number of times people can complain about your blog, your profanity, or your burning…
Sean Walters
January 26, 2023