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Social Recruiting


Interview Prep School

Interviewing, it's all about the questions you ask and importantly don't ask. Here are some pearls that I would recommend asking in any interview and ones to best avoid.
Scott Burnett
March 11, 2022

10 Commandments

What if when Moses was belting out the commandments a couple of recruiters were there? Just a bit of a laugh, please don't picket outside the office. We won't be a was mannered as the Wellington police.
Scott Burnett
February 25, 2022

On-Boarding From Afar

New hires are due to emerge from their cocoons into the office for the first time! We still have some time before that happens of course so here are some tips for remote onboarding for now and the next inevitable lockdown 😊
Scott Burnett
November 19, 2021