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The misogyny of “dress codes”

If you're due a minor medical procedure, get it done now. Good advice at any time perhaps, but especially relevant given that Te Whatu Ora is currently in consultation with the healthcare professionals of New Zealand, in an attempt to standardise employment contracts across Aotearoa. And if you know anything…
Sean Walters
August 18, 2023

💯 Not Out!

Blog 100 is here! If you are considering bolstering your own personal brand be it blogging/vlogging, here are some tips that I've learned over the hundy.
Scott Burnett
September 23, 2022

Itchy Feet

What is to be done with all these recruiters leaving? One agency has an innovative solution. Thank me later for the image used, the free-to-use ones were truly horrific 🦶🏻🤮
Scott Burnett
July 1, 2022