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Wage War

Base salaries are on the rise in our industry, most likely across all industries with demand outweighing supply. Take a look into what recruiters used to expect and what they should now.
Scott Burnett
April 22, 2022

How to Choose an External Recruitment Agency

I was recently asked by a marketing firm to provide them some content around what companies should look for when choosing which recruitment agency to partner with.¬† After 15 years working in recruitment and over a decade of that being deeply immersed in the NZ recruitment industry as a Rec-to-Rec…
Jonathan Rice
April 11, 2019

Social Recruitment Is Losing Its Way

Thanks to everyone who attended the RicePowWow¬†last night, it was a great evening. ¬†The talk from Jacqui Wall from Umbrella on building resilience in recruitment is certainly coming in handy with the somewhat fragile nature of me and my team this morning. One comment made last night, out of the…
Jonathan Rice
March 30, 2017

Calm Before The Storm

2016 was mental. Do you remember? Or is it all a distant memory already? Mentally busy, that is, for many of us in recruitment. I know it was mental in many other celebrity-deaths, global-politics, underdog-sporting-heroes kind of ways but I'm here to talk about recruitment. Many agencies posted strong results,…
Jonathan Rice
January 19, 2017

Beware Recruiters! The Robots Are Coming!

Or not, depending on your particular point of view. Or more realistically, depending on how many clicks you are trying to get on your article. Or how many eyeballs you're trying to direct to your snazzy new bauble that will supposedly disrupt us recruiters and the recruitment industry. Again. I've…
Jonathan Rice
November 24, 2016

Look At Me, I’m A Recruiter

We live in a vainglorious world. ¬†Technology has brought us the phenomenon of selfies and social media provided the platform for us to share our pouting selves with all and sundry. ¬†Even in recruitment we talk about how essential personal branding is to be a successful recruiter these days, whatever…
Jonathan Rice
October 6, 2016

Cutting Drug Deals with Recruitment Deals

Rumours have been swirling around Auckland's recruitment community this week after a story emerged in the Herald at the weekend about a cocaine sting at a hairdressers in Newmarket. ¬†It appears as if the hairdresser, a fashion designer, and a patched gang member have been using the business as a…
Jonathan Rice
September 29, 2016