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πŸ’― Not Out!

Blog 100 is here! If you are considering bolstering your own personal brand be it blogging/vlogging, here are some tips that I've learned over the hundy.
Scott Burnett
September 23, 2022
EmploymentHuman Resources

Toxic culture, or are you just allergic?

When I was a nipper, the only thing "toxic" was toxic waste. In my mind's eye, this substance glowed fluorescent green and lived in oil drums. Nowadays, everything is toxic. From masculinity, to relationships, to culture, to workplaces. Using the term "toxic" is now all the explanation required to describe…
Sean Walters
August 5, 2022

Interview Prep School

Interviewing, it's all about the questions you ask and importantly don't ask. Here are some pearls that I would recommend asking in any interview and ones to best avoid.
Scott Burnett
March 11, 2022

They Did What!? Part 1

We didn't want to be like Scorsese's 2019's Irishman and give you everything in one go! It's a bit of a mad story so Seano will be back next week with the conclusion 🎣
Scott Burnett
May 21, 2021