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Diversity of Thought in Recruiting

I'm enjoying the newly emerging trend of more interesting, fresh-thinking press releases from the global corporates of our recruitment community.  After years of pithy proclamations re-hashing the same old stories of skills shortages and talent shortages and "oh how about using us to help you recruit?" it seems the PR…
Jonathan Rice
May 19, 2016
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Zapping Jobseeker Spam

There's been a ton of publicity over the past week or so since Zappos announced their new careers page Zappos Insider and the fact they will no longer be posting vacancies on job boards. What has been widely acclaimed as a brave and game changing move (but something that Air…
Jonathan Rice
June 5, 2014
Human ResourcesRecruitment

The Age of Recruiter Spam

I'm writing today's post from a car dealership in Glenfield while my car gets serviced.  It makes a nice change, after spending most of my time surrounded by recruiters, to be mixing and mingling with a portion of society regarded by the public with even more scorn and distrust than…
Jonathan Rice
November 7, 2013

Cover Letter Fails Meet My Delete Button

Wow.  Friday already.  These short weeks are great aren’t they?  Australia had Tuesday off as well so I doubt many of them even bothered engaging the work side of their brains this week.  Just think of all the extra temp hours generated in New Zealand this week over our Aussie…
Jonathan Rice
April 28, 2011