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Contractor Recruitment Firms Ambushed By IRD

I'm afraid this isn't going to be the most entertaining or titillating of Whiteboard blog posts but it's about something of great importance to our New Zealand recruitment industry, so I feel if pretty much behooves me to talk about it today. In particular if you are a Contractor specialist…
Jonathan Rice
March 16, 2017

Human Clouds on the Horizon

Hello recruiters of New Zealand and beyond, it's just lovely to see you again.  We're still in that fuzzy period where our brains reluctantly haul themselves away from holiday mode and try to fit themselves back into the world of work.  For many, it's even harder than squeezing our lightly…
Jonathan Rice
January 14, 2016

Local Recruitment For Local People

I've blogged a few times before about the deterioration of the traditional recruitment models and the need for today's recruiters to evolve and develop their offerings to meet the changing demands of clients in the future.  So it was with great interest I read about Auckland recruitment firm Razzbri launching…
Jonathan Rice
May 28, 2015
EmploymentHuman ResourcesRecruitment

The Economy Gets Fixed (Term)

this week's whiteboard is brought to you from the indignantly furrowed brow of Sean Walters while your regular blogger battles pesky leeches on the Central Coast bush walks of NSW... The word round the camp fire is that 2014 has started with the recruiting gusto that every January has promised,…
Jonathan Rice
January 23, 2014