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Counter Offers


Counter Culture

Been a real resurgence of a counter-culture recently, not the putting daisies into rifle type. More the massive increase to a base salary so you won't leave type.
Scott Burnett
June 18, 2021
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Count Eroffer

A demonic figure that makes Bram Stoker’s Dracula seem more at place with his numerical namesake on Sesame Street. Much like the folklore perpetuated in Lost Boys this evil presence can only harm you if you invite it in your home. For those who are in the dark let me…
Scott Burnett
August 15, 2019

Carlos Tevez shows us why Counter-Offers don’t work

In this week's round of Champions League football matches we were witness to an event that provides a perfect example of why employers should not waste their time counter offering itchy-footed employees who want to leave for new opportunities. With 20 minutes left to play in their fixture with Bayern…
Jonathan Rice
September 29, 2011