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Diversity of Thought in Recruiting

I'm enjoying the newly emerging trend of more interesting, fresh-thinking press releases from the global corporates of our recruitment community.  After years of pithy proclamations re-hashing the same old stories of skills shortages and talent shortages and "oh how about using us to help you recruit?" it seems the PR…
Jonathan Rice
May 19, 2016

Recruitment, the Game of Connections

Being a keen sports fan (and clumsily participating in some too), it has always struck me throughout my sales and recruitment career how parallel the two worlds of sport and sales/recruitment are.  The goal-setting, the competition, the teamwork, the emotion, the motivation, the management and the ups and downs of…
Jonathan Rice
October 24, 2013

Madison Swept Off Her Feet By Downtown Man

To the strains of Billy Joel's Uptown Girl, the big news from the New Zealand recruitment industry this week was of course Allied Workforce's acquisition of Madison.  This is positive activity within our sector that has kind of bumbled and stuttered along for the last four years and should be…
Jonathan Rice
October 3, 2013

Resigned Acceptance

Last week Groupon's co-founder and CEO Andrew Mason was fired by the board who are seeking some fresh input to resurrect a wobbly share price.  The toppled entrepreneur took it with good grace (admittedly easier to do with a hefty severance payment and continued 7.1% shareholding) and publicly posted a quirky and irreverent…
Jonathan Rice
March 7, 2013