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The Trolling Of Recruiters

The internet has given rise to many amazing things that have helped make the world a more connected place. But for all the positives it is undoubtedly balanced out by a lot of downsides too, not least of which is the platform it has afforded complete and utter idiots to…
Jonathan Rice
February 23, 2017
Human ResourcesRecruitment

A Point of Reference

When is the best time to conduct reference checks? I thought I knew the answer to  this question, but events this week have compelled me to put this question out to you all in recruitment land.  Help me answer this question. The reason I must know is that our standards of…
Jonathan Rice
November 24, 2011

Cover Letter Fails Meet My Delete Button

Wow.  Friday already.  These short weeks are great aren’t they?  Australia had Tuesday off as well so I doubt many of them even bothered engaging the work side of their brains this week.  Just think of all the extra temp hours generated in New Zealand this week over our Aussie…
Jonathan Rice
April 28, 2011