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Salary Cap

No, the industry isn’t going all NBA with an imposed salary cap. I’m using the patois of my peers, the cultural casual vernacular where ‘cap’ effectively means bullshit. Those of Sean’s age feel free to thank me for keeping you relevant. It’s time to bring to light some of the…
Scott Burnett
August 1, 2019

Have Recruiter Salaries Stagnated?

Hello recruiters of New Zealand and welcome to Spring - yussss.  Welcome, also, to the world's 79th most popular recruitment blog. Oh yeah, you heard right. Did you watch the Leaders Debate last night? I'm not a particularly political person but I'm pretty sure that must have been the most…
Jonathan Rice
August 31, 2017

Recruitment’s Salary Survey Conspiracy

Why is that we recruiters do so much work for free?  Or should I say, how is it that we are always expected to do so much for nothing?  Is it because of the seemingly large fees we charge when a placement does eventually come off? It's kind of funny…
Jonathan Rice
October 31, 2013
EmploymentHuman ResourcesRecruitment

Gender Pay Equality in Recruitment

And so, surprise surprise, the Chief Executive of the Employers & Manufacturer's Association (Northern), Alasdair Thompson, was finally sacked by his board this week after a radio interview in which he attributed the gender pay gap to women's monthly period pains and childcare requirements.  For those of you living under…
Jonathan Rice
July 7, 2011