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Talent Shortage


Talent Shortages Breeding More Creative Offers

Being a Brit, I've naturally found myself dipping into my Guardian newspaper app with increasing regularity this week. With my old country turning its back on Europe after a majority voted for "Brexit" and then the national football team haughtily following suit by slouching off from the Euros tournament, dispatched…
Jonathan Rice
June 30, 2016

The Return of Candidate Arrogance

This didn't happen to me.  But it is a story related to me recently, and one that I can relate to very well.  The candidate was booked in for interview.  On paper they looked good for the role the recruiter was trying to fill and the phone screen had revealed encouraging…
Jonathan Rice
August 25, 2011

Does Flipping Burgers Make You a Good Potential Recruiter?

Picture the scene:  It's lunchtime in downtown Auckland.  The bland CBD streets have come alive with a stampede of suited office workers.  A Rice Consulting employee with a bargain-hunting mindset decides that, after much consideration, followed by consultations of the Entertainment Book, today it will be the nourishing wonders of…
Jonathan Rice
August 18, 2011