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WPIs (Weird Performance Indicators)

As of yesterday, it's official. After two successive quarters of negative GDP growth, Aotearoa is now in the grips of a recession. Well, when I say "grips", it's more the kind of "grip" displayed by that unplaceable candidate's handshake. With unemployment currently sitting at around "nobody", this feels very much…
Sean Walters
June 16, 2023

Do something different today

Auckland is a difficult place to live currently. No summer, followed by what feels like a lifetime of rain. The whole city turned into a massive building site. 2 hour commutes home into a damp house with a f*cked retaining wall with the warmer months seemingly a lifetime away. Although…
Sean Walters
June 2, 2023

The phone is dead. And so is everything else.

Regular readers, and those who know me in real life, will know I'm somewhat of a "Champagne socialist". Growing up in a working-class family in Thatcher's Britain, this is hardly surprising. However, most of my opinions have been shaped in later life. To explain, I don't believe that many of…
Sean Walters
May 12, 2023

A Tale of Two Cities

We're all working remotely these days. Our sister business JOYN is built on the premise that a good recruiter can sit in their underpants in Tokoroa and recruit a .net developer living in Bali for a client based out of Gore. This, over the course of over 4,000 placements, has…
Sean Walters
April 14, 2023

The Recruiter’s Secret Weapon

What if I told you that for a one-off investment of $5,013.30+GST, two hours of your time, and a recurring fee of $100 per month, you could, at a conservative estimate, bill an extra $50k-100k per year? You'd think I'm either crazy or a genius right? Perhaps both. In this…
Sean Walters
March 17, 2023