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Recruiters Putting the Social into Networking

The topic I had planned to blog about today has been put back a week.  So now I'm like a desperate press industry hack scrabbling around for inspiration with some portly, cigar-smoking, sociopathic editor breathing down my neck.  Except in this instance that editor is you my dear reader.  Damn you.…
Jonathan Rice
November 26, 2015

How Not To Fire People

Surprisingly, and perhaps disappointingly, I've never been fired from a job. Surprising, given that a good proportion of my day-to-day behaviour isn't appropriate for the workplace. Disappointing, given that being the narcissist that my ex-girlfriend describes me as, I like to place myself centre-stage for all my blogs. However, I have…
Jonathan Rice
October 15, 2015

Recruitment Company Values (And Other Lies)

Last week's post highlighting the practice of (typically larger global) recruitment firms forcing an exiting recruiter to delete their LinkedIn connections generated a lot of comment and attention. However, seemingly more attention was generated by my closing salvo: I only threw that in at the end in a pique of…
Jonathan Rice
August 20, 2015

Maxims for a Modern Recruiter to “Get On”

Have you ever wondered how we managed to cope in the pre-internet years?  Without being bombarded with constant streams of cleverly curated content, compiled into numbered lists (for ease of consumption, and to get more hits), about how to do this and that better, smarter, cheaper, faster?  How did we…
Jonathan Rice
April 30, 2015

The Demise of Reference Checks

My week has been filled with reference checks.  Giving references.  Taking references.  Four references for one candidate and still no offer.  One reference  for a candidate with an immediate offer.  Nominated referees not returning messages.  Un-nominated referees begrudgingly giving references.  Extra long references peppered with drilling-down questions thrown up by…
Jonathan Rice
November 27, 2014

“un”ravelling culture and the position description

Again, Jonathan Rice is indulging his penchant for exotic travel, leaving me in charge of the whiteboard… Conference season has landed and rival codes appear to be refreshingly combative. Last night we saw the kindly mother-in-law of professional bodies HRINZ, up against the “as much use as a pork pie…
Jonathan Rice
November 6, 2014
Human Resources

Pistols Drawn in New Zealand’s HR Industry

There seems to be a bad-blooded stoush brewing between HRINZ and a break-away faction keen to set up a rival industry body.  Those at the HR Game Changer Conference a couple of weeks ago ("this isn't just a conference, we're starting a movement"...please don't puke in your mouth) heard from…
Jonathan Rice
September 18, 2014