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Lies, Damn Lies…and Recruitment Statistics?

This is how PR and press releases happen in the recruitment world, particularly from the larger agencies:  The PR department of a recruitment company issues a periodic online survey to their company's database of clients or candidates, asking leading questions designed to elicit responses around a particular topic.  The responses…
Jonathan Rice
September 15, 2011

Hudson harness Linked In to put themselves about town

  OK let’s see a show of hands.  Who out there received an “approach” from Hudson this week? No?  Not you? Well either you aren’t a recruiter currently operating in New Zealand or Australia, or you haven’t adequately described and categorized yourself on your Linked In profile (I know there…
Jonathan Rice
September 23, 2010

More Recruitment PR Stunts Please

The Whiteboard made an appearance on New Zealand TV last weekend when it was aired on the current affairs programme Sunday.  But, alas, not this blog, that will have to wait for another day.  No it was the whiteboard belonging to Queenstown based medical recruitment specialist MedRecruit. A fine whiteboard…
Jonathan Rice
August 13, 2010