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Recruiter Networks

The best thing my ol man said he did with his money was enrolling me and my brother into Victoria College. An Educational institution steeped in tradition that taught us important lessons not just in the classroom but installing all students with a specific set of values; ‘manners maketh man’…
Scott Burnett
May 9, 2019

The Schooling of Recruiters

When I first embarked on the rollercoaster, fingernail-shredding, rec-to-rec game back in 2007, the Auckland recruitment market had quite a different look, feel and flavour to the one we all operate in today. Ten years ago the market was dominated by larger recruitment brands, most recruiting across several verticals, many with a…
Jonathan Rice
August 3, 2017
Job BoardsRecruitment

Recruiters Putting the Social into Networking

The topic I had planned to blog about today has been put back a week.  So now I'm like a desperate press industry hack scrabbling around for inspiration with some portly, cigar-smoking, sociopathic editor breathing down my neck.  Except in this instance that editor is you my dear reader.  Damn you.…
Jonathan Rice
November 26, 2015

Always Be Recruiting

When I left the UK and entered the Sydney recruitment market Hays, my new employer, were kind enough to put me up in their Mosman company apartment for the first couple of weeks.  My most enduring memory from that time, apart from the gorgeous sunrises reflecting on the CBD's glass towers…
Jonathan Rice
February 7, 2013