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How to Handle Resigning

Today's blog post comes to you sandwiched between last night's RicePowWow and today's office party (followed by my football team's Christmas drinks) so please forgive me if I sound kind of distracted. And husky. Why do these things always require so much talking? Not that many of you will notice,…
Jonathan Rice
December 8, 2016

What to do when Recruiters Quit

Recruiters quit.  It happens and, as job-hopping throughout one's career becomes ever more accepted, it will doubtless happen with increasing regularity. The question for recruitment company owners and Directors is how to handle the news.  There are a multitude of scenarios in which recruiters quit their jobs, of course, and…
Jonathan Rice
March 3, 2016

Resigned Acceptance

Last week Groupon's co-founder and CEO Andrew Mason was fired by the board who are seeking some fresh input to resurrect a wobbly share price.  The toppled entrepreneur took it with good grace (admittedly easier to do with a hefty severance payment and continued 7.1% shareholding) and publicly posted a quirky and irreverent…
Jonathan Rice
March 7, 2013