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Sean Walters

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Good Recruitment Ads Don’t Work

Seemingly impervious to the recent Auckland cold snap, Jon has once again handed over the whiteboard market to me as he heads down to Queenstown for the long weekend. Regular readers of the Whiteboard will know of Jon’s propensity to support innovation, disruptive ideas, and l'enfant terribles within the recruitment…
Jonathan Rice
May 29, 2014

The Whiteboard Turns Four

Following on from last week's scarcely viewed Good Friday blog (just look at the treat you missed out on) I suspect that this week's blog might fly similarly low beneath the radar.  Thanks to the vagaries of 2014's calendar this year sees Good Friday followed a week later by ANZAC…
Jonathan Rice
April 24, 2014
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The Economy Gets Fixed (Term)

this week's whiteboard is brought to you from the indignantly furrowed brow of Sean Walters while your regular blogger battles pesky leeches on the Central Coast bush walks of NSW... The word round the camp fire is that 2014 has started with the recruiting gusto that every January has promised,…
Jonathan Rice
January 23, 2014

The LinkedIn LoveIn

This week's Whiteboard ramblings are brought to you by Sean Walters...   Speaking with an Internal Recruiter friend of mine the other day, he explained with an excitement usually reserved for craft beer, how he has just actually recruited someone via Facebook. Now I know as social-media savvy recruiters, we’re…
Jonathan Rice
July 18, 2013