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Recruitment Deals on Brexit Day

So the "Brexit" polls have just closed in Britain with the country on a "knife edge" and apparently too close to call whether the people will have voted to Remain in the EU or to Leave.  I suspect they will remain, personally, but it's going to be a close run…
Jonathan Rice
June 23, 2016
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Recruiters and Rocket Scientists

Anyone can do recruitment.  It isn't exactly rocket science, right? Heard that good old chestnut before?  Of course you have.  How about the fact that there's no barriers to entry in recruitment? (Yawn).  That all we're doing is chucking ads up on job boards (ok some are, hopefully many others…
Jonathan Rice
April 4, 2013

Personal Branding in Recruitment (and why it matters)

The time has long gone when a recruiter of dubious moral and ethical standing can hide behind the glossy corporate image of their particular employer of choice.  In the age of advanced recruitment technology, social media, digital content sharing and mobilised networks, a recruiter's own personal brand has taken on far…
Jonathan Rice
February 2, 2012