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The Rise of Boomerang Recruiters

What do Steve Jobs , LeBron James and Mikel Arteta have in common?  Both are what is becoming commonly known in the HR world as boomerang employees:  Previous employees of a company who have, for various reasons, left that company to work elsewhere or pursue some other adventure, and later down…
Jonathan Rice
February 28, 2020
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My Name is Not Natalie

I was born on the 24th of March 1988, christened Natasha Maria Foster and for the next 25 years largely called by that name, or some close variation of. Then I started working in recruitment and suddenly, inexplicably, my name became Natalie. It is still one of my favourite things,…
Natasha Foster
February 8, 2018

Tales of Candidate In-Experience

This week's exposure to recruiter-bashing came at a business networking function I attended earlier this week.  A conversation with a very entrepreneurial-minded lady wound it's way from her upbringing in New Zealand, to her life overseas, and her "work" history littered with strange, bizzare and barely credible business ventures.  In her…
Jonathan Rice
March 12, 2015

Carlos Tevez shows us why Counter-Offers don’t work

In this week's round of Champions League football matches we were witness to an event that provides a perfect example of why employers should not waste their time counter offering itchy-footed employees who want to leave for new opportunities. With 20 minutes left to play in their fixture with Bayern…
Jonathan Rice
September 29, 2011